Welcome to MyMT

A professionally managed medical transcription company. It has been our privilege to serve our customers to their fullest satisfaction. XLMT Group provides a smile to its clients by providing best medical transcription services within the allotted time and with full confidentiality/security (please see confidentiality page); this is how we are gaining goodwill all around. At XLMT, we are driven by a vision to succeed.

We have best individuals/team under XLMT Group roof. All individuals have been hired on personal reference basis. We can bring best of the best individuals to work alongside us. Nobody can take them out of their current settings or jobs but we can as we are one of them and we work on your transcription needs sitting alongside them. We work hard alongside them to provide personalized attention to specifications of our clients' needs in terms of medical transcription, formatting, special instructions, etc.

XLMT Group is a mid-sized company and due to small hierarchy we handle any problem quickly and we always communicate with the clients on a personal basis for any day to day problems.

MYMT Features :

  • We follow one client at a time policy.
  • No client has ever left us till date whosoever tested our services.
  • Accuracy: 98.5%. We focus on accuracy with an emphasis on spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Specialty: We can do any specialty Medical Transcription.
  • Communication: We stay online 24 hours a day via messengers or phones.
  • References: On Request.

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